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About Us | Introduction

e-sue specialises in providing economical, competent litigation services to unrepresented claimants and defendants, both individuals and businesses alike. We are available every step of the way to advise, draft and assist in bringing claims and in defending them, offering as much or as little help with your case as you require.

Why not use high street solicitors?

Solicitors' costs are not normally recoverable in the Small Claims Track (up to £5,000), even if you win. This means that, win or lose, you could pay out thousands of pounds at a high hourly rate, far in excess of the value of your claim, and end up badly out of pocket.

e-sue on the other hand does not charge by the hour, but instead allows you to pick and choose only those services you need at a fixed price so you know exactly how much it's costing.

A full range of litigation services

Our ultimate aim is to get your claim settled - not to give you your day in court. But where negotiation and mediation do not succeed, then litigation becomes inevitable. .

Letter of Claim

Our services start off with writing a professionally worded Letter of Claim to the other side setting out in detail the basis of your claim and the legal principles underlying your position. If you have received a Letter of Claim from the other side, we can draft an appropriate response to it, setting out the legal basis on which the claim is refuted and/or establishing a basis on which the amount payable may be reduced or extinguished.


Whether you are a prospective claimant or defendant in an action, negotiation is vital to avoid unnecessary litigation and to avoid unnecessary expenditure. You aim is not to go to trial - it is to obtain settlement of your claim or, if you are being sued, to dispose of the claim.

Issuing proceedings

The way you draft your claim and the legal points you raise in it can have an enormous bearing on how it proceeds, including whether it is dismissed at your expense through being defective. Therefore it is not advisable to skimp on drafting the Particulars of Claim, the Defence or the Counterclaim. e-sue use drafting specialists Agreements.co.uk to draft all pleadings to ensure your claim or defence is robust and sustainable.


When you retain e-sue to assist and advise on a particular aspect of your claim or defence, we shall keep you properly informed about any important deadlines, since failure to observe them can lead to your claim or defence being struck out unnecessarily.

Allocation Questionnaires and Applications

e-sue can complete Allocation Questionnaires for you setting out the most relevant and applicable information to your case and also advise on and draft Applications where appropriate.


There can be costs penalties, even for the winner, in unreasonably refusing to engage in mediation and negotiation. e-sue and advise on mediation options where required.

Representation at the Hearing

Professional representation at the Hearing can be costly. However if you are approaching the date for Hearing and you feel you have too much to lose by not being professionally represented, e-sue can suggest a solicitor or barrister to be there for you on the day.


There is little point in holding a judgment that the other side refuse to pay up on. e-sue can advise on the various methods of enforcement including freezing bank accounts, sending in bailiffs and threats of bankruptcy.