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Debt Collection

e-sue can act for your in collecting debts from any party operating in the course of a business. Where a private individual owes you money, e-sue can offer its usual advice, drafting and litigation services to you in your own name.

e-sue also advises on and processes claims relating to the enforcement of judgments by the most suitable method according to the circumstances. We often recommend that judgments over £600 are transferred out of the County Court up to the High Court, a writ of fieri facias issued, and High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEO) may then force their way into the debtor's commercial premises at their further expense.

Our HCEOs carry portable credit card processors which bar chargebacks to provide the debtor with one final opportunity to settle their total liability, including enforcement, before goods are removed for auction.

Generally goods amounting to up to ten times the value of the debt are seized to cover the debt after all expenses are deducted.